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Welcome to my website. I'm Dr. Joel Leshen. I am an SAT Critical Reading and Writing Tutor. I do not offer math tutoring.

If you need a high score to support applications to top schools, you've found the right tutor.

  • I offer a free telephone consultation. My number is (646) 957-0896.

Here's why you want to prepare for the SAT with me.

  • I will boost your core reading and writing skills and help you get the highest score you possibly can.

If you are a STEM student and need a high reading and writing score to complement your high math score, you will be happy with my tutoring.

How much can I add to your score?

Consider the results of repeat test-takers who only started to work with me after they received the results of their first SAT test.

Second-test scores were always significantly higher.

The improvement highlighted below was measured using the older scoring system.

  • 620-650 reading scores and 580-600 writing scores on the first SAT test commonly rose to 760-780, even 800.

Repeat test-takers who had scored well but wanted an even higher score also improved.

  • 720-750 reading and writing scores on the first SAT test commonly rose to 780-800.

First-time SAT test-takers, who work with me prior to their test, respond just as favorably to my approach and are similarly advantaged.

Time Commitment


Typically, I need eight 2-hour individualized lessons to do this, with the final five 2-hour sessions scheduled during the week before the test. 

If the test is coming up soon, even within one week, these five lessons alone will help you attain a higher score.

The final five lessons pull everything together. One student aptly described it when he said "Oh wow! A light bulb just went on in my head. I get it."

Tutoring Qualifications


I am a former college professor, SAT essay grader, and SAT tutor for one of the larger test prep companies.

I've distilled those experiences so that I can quickly boost your core skills, before your SAT test.

Insights into non-fiction writing - useful tools that I employ in my published work - are incorporated into your lessons.

Students find these insights eye-opening, and use them to better engage with SAT reading material and get higher scores. 

As a college professor, my primary task was to improve the critical reading and writing skills of incoming freshman.

I prepared students to read college-level material efficiently, to summarize arguments in their own words, adding nothing of their own and subtracting nothing of significance. They engaged closely with the text. This is what the SAT calls Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.

I know how to improve your skills, what works and what doesn't.

Customized Lessons


The focus on boosting core skills is very different from an online practice program.

Your individualized lessons are custom designed for you. Each lesson is optimized for your evolving and improving skills - the opposite of a one size fits all tutoring approach.  

  • On the day of the test you will know how to read and write more efficiently, and you will use that to your advantage.
  • And the improvement in core skills will help you study smarter in your freshman year and beyond.

Process Markers


Expect to be pleasantly surprised. 

  • Show a student how to control the test experience and amazing things happen.
  • Finding supporting evidence for the answer choice submitted as correct can even become ... FUN!

Expect ongoing communication between parents and tutor.  

  • A status update is provided to parents following every lesson.
  • This makes it possible for parents to provide timely emotional support, and helps build student confidence.

Build the Lesson Package that Works Best for You


Scheduling 10 hours of tutoring during the week right before the test - five 2-hour sessions - brings about the best results. This is strongly recommended for every student.

The contractual commitment typically is for a total of eight lessons, three lessons in addition to the five during the week immediately before the test, when everything comes together. All lessons are two hours long.

A lesson package of five 2-hour sessions is available.

If the only lessons feasible are the five in the week before the test, then by all means contact me ASAP. With motivated students, I have had remarkable success with just those five lessons.

Vocabulary and Grammar Lessons. Students typically need to build vocabulary and sharpen awareness of grammatically correct English.

Following the diagnostic I suggest vocabulary books, provide materials, and direct the student to excellent free online resources. 

  • I ask that the student work independently and utilize those resources.
  • Vocabulary and grammar lessons are scheduled if requested or as needed.
  • No student has requested or needed more than three additional lessons.

Lessons can be face to face in the NYC area and online everywhere else.

Pricing is reasonable and appropriate to the value and uniqueness of what is offered. All lessons are prepaid. 

Dr. Joel Leshen: Qualifications  


B.A. Reed College. Ph.D. in Philosophy, The Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research.

NYU Careers in Business Program.

SAT Essay Grader for the College Board. 

Published author. 

College professor whose responsibilities included developing critical reading and writing skills for incoming freshman.

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To discuss pricing and all other matters, please contact me at 646-957-0896. Or email me using the form below. Thanks.

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